7th Heaven Announces NEW Oat Milk Formula

7th Heaven Announces NEW Oat Milk Formula

Hello! It’s Daniel, the Co-founder & CEO of 7th Heaven Chocolate. Today, I'm thrilled to share an incredible update on a journey that began eight years ago. In the early days Elya, my wife and co-founder, and I developed a recipe that made us swoon—our very own creation of vegan milk chocolate so delicious that we couldn't believe our taste buds. This classic recipe has been our pride and joy ever since.


But, as passionate chocolate enthusiasts, we don’t settle for "good enough." We're always asking ourselves, "How can we do more? How can we make it better for people and the planet?” And I am excited to announce that we've done it— introducing an updated, improved 7th Heaven!


So, what's new?

🥛 Swapping in Oat Milk

We've made our chocolate even more sustainable by swapping soy milk for oat milk in our base.


😋 A Tastier Experience

Our primary goal with 7th Heaven Chocolate is to make it delicious, and we've achieved that with flying colors! When we first tried our new recipe in a blind taste test, customers overwhelmingly loved it! We’re so proud to bring you full, rich cocoa flavor combined with a soft, creamy texture.


🌿 Cleaner, Natural Ingredients

We believe in using high-quality ingredients to create our chocolate, and that's why you won’t find anything artificial in this recipe.


What can you expect from the new 7th Heaven Chocolate? Get ready for a higher-quality, dairy-free chocolate experience. We’re confident you’re going to fall in love with our new and improved recipe, and we can't wait to hear your thoughts.


Happy indulging!

Daniel Bareket

Co-Founder & CEO