Chocolate is Our Love Language

Our Story

Back in 2013, 7th Heaven co-founders Daniel and Elya Bareket were fueled by one question: Why does vegan chocolate sacrifice taste for ethics? Like many plant-based eaters, they loved the environmental and health benefits, but they missed the milk chocolate experience – so much that they made it their personal mission to create a better option.

After years of research and a whole lot of taste tests (hey, someone had to do it!) they finally perfected the formula; a creamy, dreamy, unbelievably dairy-free treat, that doesn’t sacrifice taste or ethics. Welcome to 7th Heaven - where our chocolate is the first vegan treat you'll want to savor again and again.

Daniel and Elya Bareket, co-founders of 7th Heaven chocolate


Real Impact

Our choice to make our chocolates 100% vegan isn't just a marketing point; it's a pledge to our planet and its inhabitants. We use our resources to support positive, sustainable, and compassionate change. From Fair Trade cocoa to funding eco-friendly projects to supporting social causes that resonate with our values, we don't just aim to talk the talk, but to walk the walk.


We value our bonds within the team and with our customers. We’re not just selling chocolate; we're building a community. We honor the unique blend of cultures, experiences, and viewpoints within our company, partnerships, and the communities we serve. We listen, we care, and we support each other because the more perspectives we can incorporate and connections we build, the better off we all are.

Simple Joy

Chocolate can make a positive impact and build a community – but it’s also just plain fun. We genuinely wish to delight with every bite of our chocolate. From the unique mix-ins to the creamy, nostalgic flavors, each recipe is crafted to bring a smile to your face, letting you taste the love and care we pour into every batch. Our chocolates aren’t just a sweet indulgence but a small moment of happiness in your day.


You don't ask a mother who is her favorite child... There really isn't a favorite, I love different flavors at different times

Elya Adi Bareket

Co-founder, HR and Organizational Processes Manager

Elya stole my answer …so I’ll try to be creative ;-) My favorite flavor is the one we’re developing now

Daniel Bareket

Co-founder, CEO

For me, Caramel & Salt was love at first bite. Sweet and salty, with little crunchy chunks of caramel, I'd marry it if I could.

Hadas Golan Sadeh


Pistachio & Halva Cream snack bar. Because it's the tastiest, well ...

Sharon N. Bareket

Office Manager

The Peanut Butter & Cornflakes snack bar. Why, do you ask? Because it's just pure joy!!

Roee Elor

Production Manager

The Snack Bars are my favorite! Each has a unique flavor, and they are all simply too good to pick just one.

Malanda Miklic

Vice President of Sales

Caramelized Coconut snack bar is my choice when it comes to chocolate bar! Its rich aroma just complements the creamy sensation perfectly

Dan Brom

Chief Food Technologist

Mine is Pistachio & Halva, the combination of flavors is exactly what I like

Uri Bareket

Customer Service Manager

Hazelnut Cream is my favorite. It's just the best chocolate ever!

Zvika Bendet

General Manager

It's a tough choice but Pistachio & Halva creaminess is unbeatable.

Vanessa Domingues

Brand & Creative Manager

Coconut snack bars and Sea Salt & Caramel bars are unparalleled.

Zalmi Duchman

E-Commerce & Partnership Director

Hazelnut Cream and rice crisps is my favorite flavor - the best.

Liat Shuster

Food Technologist