Try Me Kit

Like to try a little bit of everything before you commit? Our Try Me Bundle includes two decadently creamy bars and two bestselling snack bars to help you find your new favorite treat. Includes: 1 Classic bar, 1 Peanut Butter Cream bar, 1 Hazelnut Cream & Rice Crisps snack, 1 Caramelized Coconut snack, 1 Peanut Butte Cup



Yep, we're blushing here...


Yep, we're blushing here...



All of our products are 100% vegan

100% Dairy-Free

100% lactose-free, so you can munch together without anyone feeling left out!


Making our snacks and bars requires only a third of the greenhouse gasses dairy products do.

Fair Trade Cocoa

We only use fairtrade certified cocoa beans to create our creamy sweets.

An exceptional creamy taste all tasters can indulge

Like the childhood treat you remember, but with a luxurious, 100% vegan twist.

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Best Seller
White & Cookies Bar
Best Seller
Peanut Butter & Cornflakes
Peanut Butter Cream Chocolate Bar
Caramel and Sea Salt Chocolate Bar
Caramelized Coconut Snack Bar
Pistachio & Halva Cream
Best Seller
Peanut Butter Cups
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