Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere within the United States. In the summer we suggest not ordering to hot states.

How can I pay?

We allow PayPal payment which is safe and secure.

Are you 100% vegan?

Yes! Every ingredient in our chocolate is vegan including the sugar.

What ingredients do you use?

You can find the ingredients and nutritional value listed on each product page, just scroll down.


All our products contain SOY and all of them may contain WHEAT, PISTACHIOS, HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS, CASHEWS, COCONUT, PEANUTS, SESAME AND SULFITES, so please look at the ingredients before you purchase

What about fair trade?

The cocoa beans we use are Fairtrade Certified.

Are you Kosher?

Yes, our chocolate is Kosher! Supervising by Badatz Belz and Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Can I buy your chocolate in stores?

Yes :) Our products are available in many stores in the New York City Metro area, and we are in an ongoing process of expanding to many more stores and other areas of the US.
We will soon launch our store
locator here on our website; Meanwhile, you are welcome to contact our customer service and find out about a specific store near you at info@7thheavenchocolate.com

In the summertime, How do you ensure the chocolate is not damaged by the warm weather during shipping?

We add dry ice packs to each package to provide additional cooling during delivery. We recommend, if possible, to request that the shipment be delivered to you personally and not left exposed to the sun and heat.

If the shipment arrived in bad condition, will you issue a refund?

Yes, absolutely. We take 100% responsibility for the products and their delivery, and if the order arrives in a way that does not satisfy you, we will make sure to return your money.

What can I do if my Chocolate melted?

Many times, the Chocolate can be stabilized by cooling it in the refrigerator, and it will not cause any damage or harm to the taste and experience. If our delivery arrived with melted Chocolate, we encourage you to contact us, and together we will find an adequate solution, including a refund if necessary.

Where are you from?

Our factory is located in Kiryat Tiv'on, Israel. The complete process of making and packaging is done here.