small bites of pure happiness


This is absolutely one of my favorite sweets. They are so easy to make, full of potential to be super sophisticated (covered with multiple layers and surprising hidden flavors), but even the simplest version of truffles tastes like a piece of heaven.

I kept it basic with the most low-effort recipe for truffles I know,

But if you do have extra time and wish to try out something new-

I added a few ideas for upgrading.


Basic Truffles Ingredients:

  • 1 classic flavored 7th Heaven chocolate bar
  • ⅓ a cup of plant based milk + 30g vegan butter or ½ cup of coconut/heavy cream 
  • For the coating: cacao powder / ground nuts / sprinkles / shredded coconut/ biscuit crumbs…
  • Optional: for hidden surprises: add nuts or raisins



  1. In a bowl - break the chocolate into cubes and add the liquid you chose.
  2. Set the bowl gently over a pot with hot water (bain marie), or in the microwave for about 30 seconds. carefully pay attention.. you wouldn't want the chocolate to burn.


  1. You now have two choices
  • Fill a silicone tray shaped of small bonbons, sprinkle some coating on top or add the hidden 'surprise', than put it in the freezer for few hours
  • Let it cool in the fridge in the same bowl for few hours,

and then use a spoon to dig out the chocolate ganache and form it by hand into bite size balls. Then, coat them with whatever coating you like, and store them in the freezer.


Did someone say Vegan Ferrero Rocher? because these Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles are fully fulfilling that need.

  • 7th Heaven chocolate bar with hazelnut crunch
  • 7th Heaven chocolate bar with hazelnut cream
  • Peeled and slightly roasted Whole hazelnuts

You just need to switch the classic flavor with the hazelnut cream chocolate in the basic recipe version, then wrap a hazelnut with chocolate ganache layer and store the balls in the freezer. When the truffles become hardened, stick a toothpick or use a chocolate dipping tool to cover the truffles with melted chocolate & hazelnuts crunch 

(bain-marie or microwave ,then add ½ teaspoon of flavorless vegetable oil and mix).

Let the chocolate harden (the truffles are supposed to be cold so it should happen quickly)



Colored Halva-Pistachio Chocolate Truffles

Use 7th Heaven Candybar pistachio -halva cream instead of the classic flavor in the original basic recipe and prepare the truffles the same way.

Cover half of the truffles with sesame, and the other half with grounded pistachios.



Salty Chocolate Truffles

Use 7th Heaven caramel & salt chocolate bar instead of the classic flavor in the basic recipe and prepare the truffles the same way.

Cover them with smashed cracked pretzels.