Spreading Joy at the Super Soul Party

Have you ever noticed that people experiencing homelessness are perceived as a faceless group? They walk amongst us, but we never pause to notice the humanity in them. Known to most as simply - “homeless”, we easily forget these individuals have hopes, aspirations and passions as well.

Bright light influencer Meir Kay noticed this specific society blindspot, and decided to do something about it. Together with a group of passionate sponsors and volunteers he threw a Super Bowl Sunday party called - Super Soul. The event is solely devoted to individuals experiencing homelessness, offering them an opportunity  to enjoy the big game while feeling seen and valued for at least one night.



The parties that took place all around the US were designed to be a celebration of life. Amongst racks of clothing donations by Hanes, a huge screen to watch the game, a delicious cooked dinner and a celebratory cake, there was an on-site therapist, hair stylist and a community of supportive volunteers there to meet each and every attendant.



At 7th Heaven Chocolate, we were honored to be a part of this event as official sponsors. Our rainbow-colored chocolate tables filled with delicious bars and snacks brought joy to everyone who indulged, and served as a reminder of the impact that even the smallest act of kindness, like savoring a bite of chocolate, can have a big impact on someone's day.

“Party attendees really enjoyed the chocolate and were shocked to find out that it was dairy free!” shared Meir Kay from the NY event location, “It's great to find a partner that is so in line with our core mission, 7th Heaven chocolate made the whole celebration that much sweeter.”



As we reflect back on the Super Soul party we are encouraged to take a closer look at people experiencing homelessness in our local communities, and to embody small, humane acts of kindness whenever possible. 

7th Heaven chocolates are made with a commitment to positive and sustainable change in the world, and it is our hope that events like this will continue to bring people together and create a more compassionate and inclusive society.