Yep, we're blushing here...

Ryan E.

After dozens of vegan and non-dairy chocolates, this is hands down the best I have ever had. You can't tell the difference.

Tiffany S.

This is the best dairy free chocolate I have ever had. 7th heaven is a fitting name for such a great product. The coconut one is my favorite!

Jean M.

The best vegan milk chocolate ever. Hands down. Peanut butter too? Even better.

Nicole R.

Being vegan, I had not had white chocolate in a long time… this did not disappoint, it was delicious, and now my biggest problem will be having the will power not to buy and eat this and all of the delicious bars I tried from this company daily ( they are so good!). Definitely worth buying.

Virginia N.

This chocolate is the best vegan chocolate out there IMO. The peanut butter and cornflakes bar is so good. Highly recommend!

Neomi B.

We absolutely love this chocolate. You can't tell that it's not dairy! The texture and taste are perfect. Thanks for the best chocolate ever :)

Sara D.

This is by far the best vegan chocolate I have had tastes almost like the real thing. Yummy! I ordered again. I think I love the peanut butter cream and hazelnut cream the most. Highly recommend, would give 10 stars if that was a thing.

Angela C

This is the best vegan chocolate I have had - and I’ve tried a lot. It’s the perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture and the flavors they offer are so good! I’ve ordered from them 3 times now and I can’t recommend highly enough! They also use ethical chocolate which is great! Love this brand!

Vitória R

The best vegan chocolate. My favorite is the white chocolate. I’ve ordered a few times already. 100% recommend it!

The peanut butter and cornflake bar is delicious. It's hard to find decent vegan chocolate bars, and I appreciate that these are not only vegan but taste fantastic.

I love to be able to give a bar to friends who cant believe it's vegan. Thank you again for such ethical and delicious products.

This one hands down is my JAM!!! It is the perfect salty sweet smooth chocolate magic I've been dreaming of. All of their chocolates are incredible.

Tasted better than expected. Being a choco-holic, but also lactose intolerant, I used to eat chocolate every single day and now I couldn't. Well this bar changed everything!

I've been dairy free for about 6 months and this is by far the best chocolate i've found - it's amazing! Creamy and sweet, with the caramel & sea salt being the perfect addition.

Ilove chocolate and I haven't found a good vegan milk chocolate anywhere and the flavors are delicious! I loved the peanut butter, pistachio halva, hazelnut, all the flavors I ordered were phenomenal. The cookies and cream bar was similar to the Herseys one! Delicious.

I was pleasantly surprised how good this tasted. Pretty close to the "real thing". Will definitely purchase again. I have tried a lot of dairy free chocolates and very impressed with this!

I am lactose intolerant but love white chocolate and have been waiting and searching desperately for a vegan white chocolate and finally found one with 7th Heaven!! I love it!!! It is awesome and delicious!!!!! Highly recommend and will keep ordering more and more!!!!