How can I pay?

We allow PayPal payment which is safe and secure.

Where are you from?

Our factory is located in Kiryat Tiv'on, Israel. The complete process of making and packaging is done here.

Are you 100% vegan?

Yes! Every ingredient in our chocolate is vegan including the sugar.

What about fair trade?

The cocoa beans we use are UTZ Certified.

What ingredients do you use?

You can find the ingredients and nutritional value listed on each product page, just scroll down.

Can I buy your chocolate in stores?

Yes :) you can look for a store on our store locator. If you don't find a store nearby, you can always order here, on our website


All our products contain SOY and all of them may contain WHEAT, PISTACHIOS, HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS, CASHEWS, COCONUT, PEANUTS, SESAME AND SULFITES, so please look at the ingredients before you purchase